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How It All Started

Stratis Knives was born over 14 years ago. As unlikely as it seems this all started during a family vacation. I was a teenager at the time listening to my grandfather tell a story of how he once made a knife when he was my age. After my dad chimed in to tell his knife making story from shop class, I decided that I could do the same. I spent the next week and a half in my grandfathers garage with a handful of his woodworking files and his bench grinder. I still have that first knife, affectionately refer to as my "prison shank", and I look at it from time to time as a reminder of where it all began.

Trial and Error Isn't Efficient, But It's Effective!

In the years to come I spent countless hours in the garage making knives from whatever pieces of steel I could get my hands on. The first few years there were lots hard learned lessons. I learned quickly that there is a big difference between reading about how to do something online and actually doing it. Over time I figured out what worked for me but more importantly what didn't.

At first I gave my knives to whoever would take them. Over time people started to show interest in what I was doing. I started selling a knife here or there to friends for a few bucks. I saved the money and invested in the equipment I need to make better knives. Slowly I started to fill my shop with all the equipment we need to make our knives in house from start to finish.

Our Designs

Our designs come from our customers. The knives we make are all directly influenced by our customers needs. In the beginning it was my hunting buddies looking for the perfect hunting knife that guided our style. The vast majority of the knives we make are designed one on one with each customer. But in order to keep up with increasing demand we will be starting to offer a number of knife designs in conjunction with our custom knives.

If you would like to learn more about how we make our knives be sure to check out the Our Process page.
For more info about business philosophy as well as warranty please check out the Our Promise page.

    The Stratis Family

    Dylan, Mike, Kyle and Ryan

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